Your bag is in our DNA. Literally.
Our designs take that DNA into everyday style.
A style that transcends fashion’s fickleness - wear what you want, where you want, when you want - our bags will come along for the ride.
You see, timelessness can’t be bought or made.
It’s inherent and comes through the patina of every product we make, long after we pass each piece on to its final guardian.
You see, it's patience. Like waiting for a leather bag to see signs of travel — the nick that happened on that flight to Cairo, the ding that happened in the taxi in Amman, the burned-in shoulder marks that make this piece mine, and mark it ‘Me' 
 Our bags are made to accompany you on your most important days.
Every day.
That’s what we’re about.
You don’t own a Richmond Works bag. That seems too transactional for us.
No, you continue a story that was forged by our passion, hard work and a timeless pursuit of style.
It’s now your timeless style, revel in the imperfect perfection from your guardianship.